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    Understanding why HMDs Sometimes Break - Blog – Page 10 – Sensics

    Continuing my post on Heavily-used HMDs, Sensics launched a new survey this morning in an effort to understand why HMDs sometimes fail and what can be done about it. We know that HMDs sometimes break or otherwise fail. This happens with all types of HMDs, from every manufacturer. Together, we can do something about it and […]

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    Heavily-used HMDs - Blog – Page 10 – Sensics

    One of our favorite customers uses several zSight HMDs for market research. These HMDs are fitted with eye trackers that monitor the direction of gaze of the users. Users are placed in virtual supermarkets or other stores and the system is being used to examine optimal product placement, test the effectiveness of promotional signs, such […]

    The post Heavily-used HMDs appeared first on Sensics.

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