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    Insight — sensors

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    The Sensory Explosion - Blog – Page 6 – Sensics

    At last week’s SIGGRAPH conference, I had the pleasure of contributing a “Sensory Explosion” presentation.on the “Sight, Sounds and Sensors” panel. Below are the key slides and some speaker notes. Enjoy! The panel featured several contributors: Cynthia Traeger. Pacific Mark Mine, Walt Disney Imagineering Chris Mayhew, Vision III Imaging, Inc. Becky Oh, PNI Sensor Corporation Myself Sensics has been […]

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    Here come the sensors - Blog – Page 7 – Sensics

    Google project Tango is the latest example of increasingly-sophisticated sensors making their way to portable computing platforms such as phones, tablets and virtual reality goggles. This mobile device includes several sensors: An orientation sensor, likely providing yaw/pitch/roll, angular velocity and linear rotation. These have been fairly standard in modern mobile devices. Cameras for both visible and […]

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    The VR goggle as a Sensory and Computing platform - Blog – Page 8 – Sensics

    While there is still a lot of work to do on display technologies and optics to get the best possible image in front of the eyes, the real promise of virtual reality goggles is to serve as a portable sensory and computing platform. Goggles are becoming a platform for several reasons: They are a physical […]

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